Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gelato: The Ice Cream that's Better than Ice Cream.

As I mentioned in my last post about Italy, I love gelato. But really. I think I ate it every day in September, every day in Italy, and even braved the cold to eat it one of my last nights in Sevilla! Thus, it certainly deserves it’s own post.

Note: mint-flavored ice cream is just plain better anywhere you go in Europe.

To anyone planning on going to Sevilla, here’s the final list of best ice cream places:
1. Fiorentina—especially tiramisu!

2. Mama Goye—especially Ferrero Rocher, which is to die for.

3. Rayas—very good and super creamy.

4. If you’re in a crunch or need wifi, don’t forget about the trusty Mascarpone.

Spanish word of the day: batido = frappe, or for all you non-Boston-area-people, milkshake (because Mama Goye also has some pretty incredible batidos.)

gonna miss the gelato,

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  1. so glad you found la fiorentina! their rosemary ice cream lives on in my dreams...